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Dr. Ho Now : Products & Services
Dr. Ho Now : Company Background
Dr. Ho Now : Customer Feedback & Reviews

Dr. Ho Now customers like the fact that several of the devices can be worn under their clothes and provide inexpensive pain relief

“I hurt my lower back in September and suffered for 4 months, doing exercises and taking analgesics with no improvement. I saw the newspaper article for this belt and figured it was worth a try since nothing else was helping. After only 1 week I felt significant improvement and after 2 weeks the pain is gone and I feel great. I wish I had known about the Dr. Ho belt earlier and I recommend it to anyone suffering back pain. It is worth every penny. Thank you Dr. Ho.”

Dennis J

“I wear the belt all day to work. The very first day I slept right through the night, which didn’t happen for ten years! I have a fracture and degenerative disc between L-1 & S-5. The belt has worked good. Thank you very much.”

Rene L

“My 90-year old mother, Doris, tried the compression belt today for the first time.

She was frightened to try it, having endured 30 years of chronic back pain due to a spinal fusion 50 years ago.

For years she had relief through the use of a special corset, but its manufacture was discontinued leaving her with nothing to replace it.

Mom then walked with great difficulty (and pain) and finally completely lost her balance.

For the last 10 years, she has relied on a walker, crouched over it because of pain. Unfortunately, that has only compounded the problem, and left her with continuous back pain and the inability to stand up straight.

We tried the belt today and for the first time in 30 years, she was able to stand up straight. We were both astounded. She was in no pain whatsoever and we were able to pump up the belt to the maximum.

She now feels that, despite being 90 years of age, there is hope that this new innovative decompression belt will continue to improve her health, her posture, her balance, and her outlook on life. I will keep you posted!!”


Dr. Ho Now : Business Credibility & Trustworthiness
  • Dr. Ho Now is known for producing devices which make it easy to get physiotherapy at home
  • Dr. Michael Ho has a background in chiropractic and acupuncture and has brought years of clinical experience to the development of the products that are available through his website
  • The orthotics have helped millions worldwide and have been featured in several press releases
Dr. Ho Now : Website Popularity & Google Ranking
  • Dr. Ho Now is ranked at 706,011 according to the Alexa world traffic ratings
  • The site currently has a Google page rank of three
  • They have been in business since May, 1999
  • The site receives an average of 1,558 page views on a daily basis
  • Each page on the site takes about 2.1 seconds to load
Dr. Ho Now : Social Media Presence
  • Dr. Ho Now is on FaceBook and Twitter
  • The organization has a blog which they use to share news on health and updates about the company
  • Their FaceBook page has 17 likes
  • You can follow them on Twitter @drhonow, where they have 62 followers
  • They have tweeted ten times on a few topics including Dr. Ho’s activities, sales and products
Dr. Ho Now : Website Security & Safety
Dr. Ho Now : Pricing & Packages
Dr. Ho Now : Shipping Rates & Policies
  • Dr. Ho Now gives discounts for shipping on larger orders
  • Patrons may choose to have a new thirty day supply of their favorite supplements delivered to them regularly by using the auto ship feature
  • Products are usually sent via USPS
  • Returns should be sent to the by Canada Post
  • They ship some of their products to international destinations. 
Dr. Ho Now : Payment Methods Accepted
  • People who sign up for an account get exclusive updates and learn about promotions early
  • They accept checks
  • They also accept popular credit cards such as Visa, Master card, Discover and American Express
  • Patients who are enrolled in the company’s New You club lock in their supplements at a low introductory rate throughout the life of their membership
Dr. Ho Now : Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy
Dr. Ho Now : Product images & screenshots
Dr. Ho Now Coupons
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